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Our Focus

Our Focus

We Grow Ideas

We Grow Ideas facilitates African immigrants in cities to access desired food for a healthy and happy life. Our approach is through the deployment of our comparative skills in qualitative research, data analysis, and report and book publishing.

Our goal is to provide time-tested information to enable individuals and families access and make informed decisions and choices on the varieites of foods available in cities.




Our researchers apply a variety of approaches to explore, describe, analyze, and provide a deeper understanding on food security of African immigrants in cities.


Does your organization implement food and livelihood related programs among African immigrant groups. Do you envision higher levels of success if only you had a better understanding of multicultural communities? 

We have the required skills to talk with, listen to, and capture the voice, actions, emotions, attitudes, practices and context of these diverse people. We have competencies to:

  • Design research instruments.
  • Recruit participants.
  • Collect information through face-to-face interviews, case studies, focus group discussions, and digital ethnography, and more.

Experience over the years has equipped us with skills to engage with individuals and groups, where to find them, language, and sensitivity to cultural norms and practices.

Data Analysis

Has your organization collected qualitative data and wonder how to make sense out of the raw text, photos, audio and video recordings? Leave all that to us at We Grow Ideas

We have expertise in qualitative inquiry to extract a people's voice, emotions, attitudes, practices and meaning from raw information into actionable recommendations.

We use computer assisted qualitative data analysis programs to make meaning out of raw information. We provide research outcomes in the form of reports, PowerPoint presentations, posters, flyers and more. Our researchers pay special attention to detail to the satisfaction of our clients.

Food Security Project


Food, a basic human need has turned into a double-edged sword; nourishes our bodies, and identified as a contributing factor in the rising cases of malnutrition, overweight and obesity.

We Grow Ideas conducts research in relation to food choices of immigrants in cities.

On-going Projects

  • Workshops on how-to access desired food in cities.
  • Publish books on the Then and Now of food.
  • Blog posts on Intentional Eating.
  • Unveiling Our Food Story, Newsletter.
  • Analysis of food choices made by multicultural university students. Report available, 2016 (subscribe to receive a free copy).
  • Research on experiences of immigrants from Africa to Edmonton (Finalized, 2015)



  Photo by Augie, 2017  

Photo by Augie, 2017  

Eileen Omosa has technical expertise in household food security, security of tenure on land, and gender in rural development.

She is an adept researcher and brings skills gained from 20 plus years of career endeavours in countries of Africa, Canada and internationally.

Eileen is passionate about research, especially among people who have moved from "The Place called Home." She has: 

  • Eight plus years of implementing qualitative research, data analysis and knowledge transfer.

  • Past scholar at the prestigious International Institute for Qualitative Methods (IIQM).

  • Employment experience as a researcher and data analyst under the guidance of renowned academic professors and practitioners.

  • Proven skills in cultural competence, excellent attention to detail, and ability to work well independently and with multidisciplinary teams.

  • Maintains open lines of communication before, during and after each assignment.

  • Eileen is proficient in languages and enjoys to work from her office desk or outside, in the field.  

  • Author of books on the Then & Now of food. 

Eileen holds a PhD in Rural & Environmental Sociology from the University of Alberta, Canada. A Master of Arts in Development Studies, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology.

Eileen brings a wealth of experience gained from her past employment as:

  • Research Assistant, University of Alberta
  • Adviser, Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, SNV
  • Network Coordinator, Forest Action Network.